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J&S Drayage LLC company started as a humble venture, primarily focusing on local transportation services. Over the years, through dedication, innovation, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, J&S Drayage has grown into a reputable and prominent player in the transportation sector.

From its inception, the company recognized the pressing need for efficient and reliable drayage solutions, especially in the rapidly evolving landscape of global trade. Leveraging their expertise in logistics and transportation, the founders strategically positioned J&S Drayage as a bridge between manufacturers, distributors, and the final delivery points. Through partnerships with major ports, warehouses, and businesses, J&S Drayage gained a competitive edge by streamlining the movement of goods, reducing transit times, and ensuring impeccable delivery standards.

Mission Statement

At J&S Drayage LLC, our mission is to provide unmatched drayage and transportation solutions that connect businesses to opportunities while upholding the highest standards of reliability, sustainability, and innovation.

Local Trucking And Delivery

J & S Drayage LLC is your choice for fast and reliable local delivery in Fresno, Sacramento and Stockton and everywhere in between.